Welcome to HI Tea-Shop

HI Tea-Shop proudly offers tasty tisanes and teas that include its own aromatic Hawaii Sunshine Vetiver root, organically grown on Oahu’s North Shore. 

Alternately dark, earthy, and somber, Vetiver root adds a rich base note to HI Tea-Shop teas and tisanes. Vetiver traditionally is used to relieve stress, exhaustion, and anxiety.  Aromatic HI Tea-Shop blends are gently grounding and profoundly relaxing. 

Our Vetiver assumes its multidimensional essence from Hawaii’s rich, volcanic soil, which embraces its roots and creates a round, balanced aroma.  Hawaii Sunshine Vetiver is heady, smoky, green, clean and very smooth, growing even sweeter and more intense over time.

When our root reaches hot water, its oil is released, creating a delicious, effective sleep tonic.

HI Tea-Shop combines Vetiver with other aromatic elements to form unique and pleasing blends.  Vetiver constitutes the bulk of our relaxation blends, and, in a lesser amount, adds an aromatic component to our caffeinated offerings.

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