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     Vetiver-based teas made in Hawaii

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HI Tea-Shop

HI Tea-Shop is the whimsical child of Vetiver Systems Hawaii, LLC, which grows Hawaii Sunshine Vetiver to stabilize slopes and stop erosion.  Mary Wilkowski is the visionary owner of both businesses.  In 1997 she became a passionate advocate of the plant after falling in love with its fragrance and employing it extensively in her line of luxe Pele's Bath soaps. She's since earned the local moniker "the Vetiver lady." Always a fragrance aficionado, Mary started blending Vetiver with teas and aromatics in 2011.  Within a year she had developed and began marketing the HI Tea-Shop line.  


Vetiver is a non-invasive deeply-rooted clump grass uniquely suited to solve environmental problems.  Cultivated for centuries for its aromatic and Ayurvedic medicinal properties, Vetiver is one of the two most important base notes in perfumery.  Like patchouli, Vetiver firmly anchors otherwise ephemeral florals and elusive citruses in the fragrance pyramid.  Vetiver roots adopt the characteristics of their host soils, which accounts for the differences among Vetiver essential oils.  Hawaiian Sunshine Vetiver is potent, complex, sweet and earthy, which lends itself to culinary applications.  

Hawaii Sunshine Vetiver is the brand of Vetiver Systems Hawaii LLC, which certifies that its Vetiver is noninvasive, non-competitive, and infertile.  


Teas and tisanes blended with

Hawaii Sunshine Vetiver grown on our North Shore farm